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üstra Hannoversche Verkehrbetriebe AG: The environmentally friendly mobility service provider for Hanover

The üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG (Hanover’s public transport corporation) with its city buses and trams belongs in the top bracket of German local transport companies. With some 156 million passengers a year it is the most important local transport provider in Lower Saxony.

With its modern tram and bus fleet üstra provides environmentally friendly mobility. Its trams are a real climate sensation. The CO2 emissions caused by the trams have been more than halved since 1990. This is because the trams themselves provide part of the energy they use – from converted braking energy. From 2012 üstra will be acquiring 50 new environmentally friendly trams. This capital expenditure is possible because the vehicles will be 50 percent subsidised by funding from the State of Lower Saxony in accordance with the decentralisation law (EntFlG).  

The üstra bus fleet also protects the environment: The Polish producer Solaris’ TYP URBINO 12 vehicles which were acquired over the last few years fulfil the strictest environmental standards. Since July 2008 üstra has also been the proud owner of an environmentally friendly hybrid bus which is powered with the help of two electric engines and one diesel engine. At the beginning of 2009 üstra purchased 22 articulated buses from the German manufacturer MAN; 15 more followed in 2010. The new MAN articulated buses are state of the art technically and they protect the climate. All these buses comply with the highest environmental standards (EEV - enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle).

Covering at least 38 million carriage kilometres a year (tram and bus) and employing about 1,900 people üstra takes Hanoverians into the inner city at 10-minute intervals during the daytime. Within the Hanover regional public transport system (GVH) üstra cooperates with RegioBus Hannover GmbH, DB Regio AG (German regional railway) and the metronom GmbH railway company. GVH ensures that the public transport network is coordinated and that there is uniform pricing for tickets.

Üstra is a company with a tradition. For 120 years it has been inseparably linked to the City of Hanover. In 1892 the tram company was founded under the name Straßenbahn Hannover AG.




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