ÜSTRA City Rail

City rail

Statistically, two out of three inhabitants of Hanover use the green and silver ÜSTRA city rails per day. The city rails of Hanover are a mixture of underground and tram. The city centre is crossed underground via tunnels, in the outskirts the fast city railway travels at the surface as far as possible on own lanes. This independent transport network enables a punctual and efficient operation.

The today's around 123 kilometres long railway network was constructed in sections since 1975. It includes 198 stops, 19 of these are underground stops and 131 stops with high-level platforms, as well as 3 depots and one control centre. The altogether 309 rail vehicles travelled approximately 27 million kilometres last year.

City rail design

Here you find all details regarding the city rail design.

Railway fleet in Hanover

TW 3000
Since 2015
Width 2,65 meters
Length 25 meters
TW 2000
Since 1997
Width 2,65 meters
Length 25 meters
TW 6000
Since 1974
Width 2,40 meters
Length 28,28 meters