TW 2000

In order to manage the transport tasks during the Expo 2000, the fleet was enlarged by 144 silver vehicles of the new TW 2000 type. These trains have been in operation since 1997 and became more and more an emblem of Hanover. With 2,65 metres, the wagon is wider and with 25 metres it is as well shorter than the TW 6000 und has only six axles. The TW 2000 lines were designed by the British designers Jasper Morrison and Prof. Herbert Lindinger.

Technical data TW 2000 TW 2500
Construction type Six axle articulated bidirectional tramcar Six axle articulated bidirectional tramcar with only driver's place and a transition area at the other end of the railway
Vehicle numbers 2001–2048 2501–2596
Colour Silver Silver
Years of construction 1997–1999 1997–2000
Seating places 54 54
Standing places 105 105
Access 4-level folding-sliding steps 4-level folding-sliding step
Electricity fed back over 50 percent over 50 percent
Length 25,82 m 24,795 m
Width 2,65 m 2,65 m
Rail gauge 1.435 mm 1.435 mm
Empty mass 39.850 kg 39.050 kg
Engine type Three-phase asynchronous Three-phase asynchronous
Drive power 4 x 145 kW 4 x 145 kW
Train set Two- and three car trains in regular operation, technically possible up to a four car train Minimum two car trains, because otherwise only one driver's place, up to four car trains in use
Manufacturer of mechanical parts Alstom LHB Alstom LHB
Manufacturer of electronic components Siemens Siemens
Design Jasper Morrison (London), Prof. Herbert Lindinger (Hanover) Jasper Morrison (London), Prof. Herbert Lindinger (Hanover)