Art in public spaces is tradition in Hanover. The ÜSTRA is following this tradition as well. Almost everywhere in the city, the company sets distinctive accents. With success: The local transport system in Hanover is one of the most modern and nicest in the world. Underground stations painted by graffiti artists, avant-garde bus stops, and designer busses and trams all help to make waiting and riding a non-stop experience. In this instance, the ÜSTRA follows one basic idea: If the local public transport wants to compete with car traffic, it must not only be on-time and efficient, but as well visually appealing. The well designed form of the local transport is at the same time barrier-free and therefore equally accessible for everybody (universal design).


The appearance of the fleet concentrates on the criteria of a modern look and functionality.


The underground stations in Hanover are unique. They have an individual design, which takes up reference points from the local area.


Within the framwork of the campaign "Kunst im öffentlichen Raum (Art in Public Spaces)" of the City of Hanover these ones arose: The BUSSTOPS.

Gehry Tower

With the Gehry Tower of the star architect Frank O. Gehry, which turns in on itself, Hanover got a further piece of world architecture.