Gehry-Tower - Frank O. Gehry

Gehry-Tower - Frank O. Gehry

With the nine-floor Gehry Tower of the star architect Frank O. Gehry, which turns in on itself, Hanover got a further piece of world architecture. It was built from autumn 1999 until June 2001.

The Gehry-Tower has a striking and unmistakable external shape due to the bending and twisting of the structure around its perpendicular center line: this has the effect that the eaves compared to the ground floor project out up to 2,50 m and a curve of the external wall surface occurs. The external walls are covered with a rear ventilated curtain-type stainless steel facade, where the elements are all unique pieces.

The Gehry-Tower is used as office and administrative building. Currently, the branches of the X-City Marketing Hannover GmbH, the Public Broadcast Rundfunkgesellschaft mbH (The Passenger TV) as well as the Protec Service GmbH use the Gehry-Tower.

You can reach the Gehry-Tower with the city rail lines 10 and 17. Get off at the stop „Clevertor“.

The Gehry-Tower left its mark on the townscape of Hanover.
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