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Take a car whenever you need it! Whether a small car, a station wagon, a cabriolet or a transporter - our car sharing partner Stadtmobil offers you approx. 230 vehicles at more than 90 stations in the Hanover area as well as in Braunschweig and Hildesheim. They usually are placed at fixed stations. A part of the fleet is on the road as the so-called Stadtflitzer in Hanover. These ones may be parked within the operating area at any position, so that even one-way journeys are possible. As Stadtmobil customer, you can furthermore use car sharing as well in more than 180 other cities.

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As customer of the mobility shop you save the admission fee compared to a regular membership at Stadtmobil (29,- €) and you are registered for the "Mikro" tariff.
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If you are already registered, you can book your car directly here.
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And this is how it works

With your mobility shop customer ID you can book the desired car via app, Internet or phone. You can do so around the clock spontaneously or in advance. You can open the door of the car with your smartphone (or a chip card) and enter your PIN in the on-board computer. Now you can start. After completion of the journey you will finalise the booking and lock the vehicle. The costs are calculated automatically and posted to your invoice. At the end of the month, you receive a billing statement. The amount is collected by direct debit.


The costs are calculated according to the time used and kilometres travelled depending on the vehicle group and tariff. If you register for the mobility shop, you'll automatically be charged at the "Mikro" tariff. It's the perfect entry-level tariff, free of monthly charges. For more information on our rates, please visit