Mobility from door to door

Returning home at night from the bar or travelling with a lot of luggage. Allow yourself a taxi! In case of using "Hallo Taxi 3811" – these are nearly all taxis in the city of Hanover - as mobility shop customer you will get a discount and can pay cashless.

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As mobility shop customer you save on each taxi ride with "Hallo Taxi 3811" 10 % on the regular price.
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Mobility from door to door

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And this is how it works

You order your taxi as usual via phone and give your name and your mobility shop customer ID. Or inform the driver, if you (e.g. at the central station) enter a taxi directly. After checking your customer data, the driver receives a driving job with special conditions shown on the display. When you arrive at your destination, the taximeter price is automatically recorded, the discount is being calculated posted to your invoice. At the end of the month, you receive a billing statement. The amount is collected by direct debit. This allows you to use taxi services cashless.

Saving / Special conditions

As mobility shop customer you save on each taxi ride with "Hallo Taxi 3811" 10 % of the regular price of the city of Hanover.

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