GVH Mobile Cards for pupils & apprentices (GVH Cards für Schüler und Azubis)

  • School Card (SchulCard) and Saving Card for pupils (GVH SparCard): If the way to school is longer than two kilometres, pupils in grades 1 to 10 receive a free School Card at school. For journeys to school of only 1,9 km or pupils from the 11. grade (to a maximum of 22 years), a Saving Card for pupils (GVH SparCard) can be purchased, it costs 15 Euro per month. The first day of validity is freely selectable.
  • GVH Mobile Card Education (GVH MobilCard Ausbildung): The reduced Mobile Card (MobilCard) for all apprentices or students, who have no Semester Card (SemesterCard). It is available as monthly ticket or as weekly ticket and can be purchased individually or as a subscription. The first day of validity is freely selectable.
  • Customer card (required for Mobile Card Education (GVH MobilCard Ausbildung), for Saving Card for pupils (SparCard Schüler) and for the Weekly Card Education (WochenCard Ausbildung)), which can be issued at the ÜSTRA customer centre for example (passport photo required as well as - from the age of 16 - a confirmation of the company training centre, you will find all forms here as well)
  • U 21 Card (U21-Card) and U 21 annual Card (U21-JahresCard): valid for everyone under the age of 21 within the entire GVH area from 14.00, all day on weekends and public holidays
GVH Mobile Card Education * **
as annual subscription (GVH MobilCard Ausbildung im JahresAbo)
1 zone 2 zones 3 zones 4 zones
38,60 € 42,80 € 55,10 € 66,50 €
GVH Weekly Card Education *
Prices are per week (GVH WochenCard Ausbildung)
1 zone 2 zones 3 zones 4 zones
12,50 € 14,00 € 17,80 € 22,10 €
Saving Card for pupils * ** (GVH SparCard Schüler)
GVH SparCard (all zones) 15,00 €
U21 Card
all zones
U21 Card * ** 15,00 € per month
U21 annual Card * 150,00 €

* Current tariff: 01.01.2018
** Subscription rates per calendar month

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The ÜSTRA Customer Centre

Karmarschstraße 30/32
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Lost and found

Have you lost something on the bus or tram? Here you will find the way to the ÜSTRA lost property office.