Tickets for a single journey

Short Trip Ticket (GVH KurzstreckenTicket)

  • for journeys by bus up to the fifth stop after entering
  • for journeys by tram up to the third stop after entering
  • valid 30 minutes after validation
  • Exceptions: The Short Trip Ticket is not valid in trains of the local railway companies and on express fast buses and on-demand services only to a limited extent
Short Trip Ticket (Kurzstreckenkarte)
Short Trip Ticket** (Kurzstreckenkarte) 1,60 €

Single and Carnet day ticket, 6 tickets ** (Einzel- und 6er-Karten)

  • for one journey by bus and tram within the GVH tariff area
  • valid for two hours after validation
  • valid as first-class ticket if you buy a second Single Ticket (Einzelkarte) or a Carnet day ticket, 6 tickets (6er-Karte)
  • return and round trip journeys are not allowed
Single Ticket (Einzelkarte) Zum Üstra Shop
A or B or C AB or BC ABC
3,00 € 3,80 € 4,70 €
6 trip Ticket (6er-Karte)
6 tickets
A or B or C AB or BC ABC
16,50 € 20,20 € 25,20

Day Tickets (TagesTickets)

Day Ticket for one person** (Tageskarte)

  • is in most cases already advantageous if you even only plan a return journey
  • valid one day long until close of operations
  • valid for as many journeys you like in the buses and trams within the chosen zone(s)
Day Ticket for one person (Tageskarte) Zum Üstra Shop
A or B or C AB or BC ABC
6,00 € 7,60 € 9,20 €
Day Tickets for groups up to 5 persons (Tageskarte Gruppe) Zum Üstra Shop
A or B or C AB or BC ABC
11,20 € 14,00 € 17,00 €

Single Ticket for children (Kinderkarten)

  • one price for all zones
  • for children aged 6-14
  • valid for dogs as well
  • Single Ticket for children (Kinderkarten) is valid 120 minutes long towards destination incl. changes
GVH Single Ticket for children (GVH KinderEinzelTicket) Zum Üstra Shop
Single Ticket for children (Einzelkarte Kind) 1,30 €
Day Ticket for children (GVH KinderTagesTicket) Zum Üstra Shop
Day Ticket for children (Tageskarte Kind) 2,60 €

GVH Tickets within the Social Tariff

  • for journeys at a very discounted price
  • valid for eligible persons with required Region S Card (Region-S-Karte)
  • valid for a whole day within the GVH tariff area
  • available for children and adults
Day Tickets S for one person (Tageskarte S)
valid with token S onlyZum Üstra Shop
A or B or C AB or BC ABC
2,90 € 3,70 € 4,50 €
Day Tickets S for children (Tageskarte S Kind)
for children aged 6 to 14, only valid together with token S, all zonesZum Üstra Shop
Day Tickets S for children (Tageskarte S Kind) 1,30 €

* Current tariffs: 01.01.2021
** Subscription rates are per calendar month

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