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Our Hotel pass for guests in Hanover

Hotel guests can easily and conveniently explore the state capital of Hanover and destinations in the Hanover Region by bus and tram – and it's even free. Just check in at the hotel and travel with a valid GVH ticket within the tariff area.

The Hotel pass is available for guests of:

The pass is provided by the hotels.

The Hotel pass is generally valid:

  • For journeys with the buses and trams within the entire GVH tariff area
  • For a max. duration of stay of seven days; it starts at 00:00 a.m. of the day of arrival and ends at 05:00 a.m. of the day after the day of departure
  • For three zones (ABC)
  • For the person whose name is on the pass (non-transferable)

  • The fare is already included in the hotel tariff.

  • You can identify the Hotel pass due to the printed GVH Logo and a GVH text on the room card.

Inform now!

Would you also like to offer your guests the Hotel pass in order to increase the attractiveness of your offer? Then contact our colleagues from the Sales/Tariff Department:

Contact Person:

GVH Tariff Department/Sales Department