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On the road with sprinti individually and flexibly

sprinti is the new on-demand service running in the Hanover region, which is on the road for you in the towns of Sehnde, Springe, the municipality of Wedemark and in the municipalities of Burgwedel, Burgdorf, Uetze and Lehrte. From 10 December 2023, sprinti will also operate in the municipalities of Neustadt, Wunstorf, Barsinghausen, Wennigsen and Pattensen.

It works like this

Book the journey you want to take. It doesn’t matter whether you want to travel immediately or book a few days in advance. Plan your journeys flexibly on the sprinti app.

Download the app & get started now

Download the sprinti app and sign up hassle-free in just a few minutes.

Plan a Journey & Book rides

To book reservations or plan a journey for later you just need to tell us where you want to be picked up and dropped off. Our operators will respond by sending you several mobility alternatives that match to your enquiry.

Hop on & relax

When it’s time for pick up, we’ll be waiting for you either at a virtual stop or at an existing stop nearby. Get to where you need to go comfortably and conveniently – we look forward to our voyage together!

We get the region Hannover moving

After successfully launching in Sehnde, Springe, and the municipality of Wedemark, we are extending our on-demand service to other communities located in GVH fare zone C. Where available, this demand-responsive service complements existing fixed route public transport by making the system more flexible and convenient. To use sprinti all you’ll need is the sprinti app and either a valid GVH or Deutschland Ticket. Don’t worry: Deutschland Tickets you purchased from a different transport authority or network are valid.

  • How does the sprinti on-demand service work?

    This video is your step-by-step guide to registering on the sprinti app, selecting a pick up and drop off location, and booking immediate departures. (Available in German only.)

  • What should you keep in mind when booking a sprinti journey?

    The short film describes several special features that are important to be aware of when booking rides with sprinti. It depicts riders declaring the items they’ll be bringing along, planning their journeys in advance, and requesting a fully-accessible minibus. (Available in German only.)

  • Become a sprinti driver now!

    If you want to be part of the team, apply to become a sprinti driver. Openings include full-time and part-time positions, student jobs, and mini-jobs. Find out more at and

Download the app and get started now

Download the sprinti app and sign up in just a few steps to take advantage of our full range of mobility services.

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sprinti at a glance

  • Operating hours

    Sprinti is on the road connecting communities seven days a week. We provide all-day service from the morning commute until late into the evening on weekdays. On weekends, we’re here to keep you mobile late into the night.

  • Virtual stops

    The sprinti app displays all of the virtual and fixed-route stops in the zone of operation. These are our pick-up locations. In general, you’re never more than 150 metres away from a sprinti stop.

  • Fares

    To use sprinti, you’ll need either a valid GVH ticket, GVH pass, or Deutschland Ticket. If you need to purchase a ticket, just use the hassle-free GVH mobile app.

  • Travel information

    When you plan journeys with Sprinti’s mobile app you’re provided with intelligent travel information to match your enquiries. The app incorporates the region’s entire public transport system, ensuring you’re always recommended the most efficient links available.

  • On board facilities

    Our fleet of vehicles is made up of modern minibuses. They offer you plenty of privacy and even more comfort.

  • Accessibility

    All of our vehicles are fully accessible to ensure that anyone can use our service, regardless of their mobility. They’ve also been designed to provide plenty of space for wheelchairs and prams.


Your feedback is important to us!

We look forward to hearing from you. Are you happy with our service? We are happy to receive your feedback at any time! Are you satisfied with our offer? Do you have any comments or suggestions for improvement? Let us know so that we can further develop our offer to your satisfaction! Please let us know what you think of our service. Your input is valuable and helps us improve the sprinti customer experience. Don’t hesitate to write us at



Questions & Answers

Sprinti is an demand-responsive transport service provided jointly by the Region of Hanover, the GVH, and Via. It’s personalised and flexible transport you can book using a mobile app. Sprinti uses an algorithm to match multiple passengers heading to the same or similar location and books them together on a shared vehicle.

The ‘Travel information’ feature in the GVH mobile app will let you know if sprinti is your best transport alternative. If it is, you will be provided a link that redirects you to the sprinti mobile app. Alternatively, you can book journeys on sprinti by calling +49 (030) 22027 078.
Please note that you’ll need either a valid GVH ticket or Deutschland ticket to ride. GVH tickets are available in the GVH mobile application store. To order a Deutschland Ticket, just go to


With the exception of short trip tickets, all you need to use the sprinti service is a valid GVH ticket or Deutschland ticket. Your GVH monthly pass or Jobticket is valid as well. Deutschland Tickets purchased from other transport authorities or networks are valid in the GVH system.

No, tickets are not sold in the sprinti. Please book your ticket in advance! If you don’t have a ticket, you can purchase one using the GVH mobile app. You can also use your travel pass or any single or day ticket, as long as they are for the appropriate tariff-zone and their validity-period won’t expire during the journey.

Children of all ages can ride on sprinti minibuses without you having to bring your own child seat. Child and booster seats can be pre-reserved within the app. When booking, just go to the ‘Passengers & Items’ section and select ‘Child seat’ and/or ‘Booster seat’. You’ll still need to list all of the passengers you’re reserving tickets under ‘Passengers.’

If you’re journeying with a pram, there is space to secure it behind the seats.

At sprinti, dogs may only be transported in transport boxes the size of hand luggage. Dogs that cannot be transported in transport boxes the size of hand luggage must be registered at the time of booking. As seat belts are compulsory in some vehicles, since 1 April 2024 dogs can only be taken on board if they have a harness that can be used to secure them during the journey
This does not apply to guide dogs for the blind, assistance dogs for the disabled, therapy dogs and service dogs of the federal and state police.
Please note that a dog will only be taken on board if it poses no risk to the operation of the vehicle. Our drivers have the right of domicile and can refuse to take dogs with them.

Yes, you can. Just indicate that you are bringing a bicycle with you during booking. Bring your bicycle along on your journey free of charge from 08:30 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 06:30 on Monday through Friday. On holidays and weekends, you can bring a cycle all day, space permitting.

You are allowed to bring up to 3 items of luggage. Please register your luggage during booking.

You are allowed to book journeys for groups of up to 6 people.

The sprinti on-demand service is not a taxi. In order to ride sprinti, seats must be booked in advance via mobile app. That’s necessary for us to optimally plan our customers’ journeys and guarantee a great transport experience.

Don't worry, it happens to all of us. Please use the app to cancel your booking and try again. If you are already on board, please speak to a member of the driving staff and they would be happy to help you.

Of course! Our accessible minibuses are suitable for taking wheelchairs and are the ideal form of transport for anyone with mobility limitations. You can pre-register by ticking the ‘wheelchair accessible vehicle’ box in your customer profile.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to take e-scooters with three or four wheels on board with you at this time.

You can report your lost item on the ÜSTRA website. You can enter sprinti under "Type of lost item". If your item has been found, you will be informed by e-mail.

We ask you to help us keep our vehicles clean and would prefer you refrain from eating and drinking on board.

Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us by writing We appreciate your feedback.

When booking for immediate departure, your sprinti will typically arrive within 20 minutes. Delays may nevertheless occur due to current traffic conditions or increased demand.
If your sprinti reservation was booked more than a day in advance, you will be notified of an exact pick-up time on the night prior.

When booking a journey on the mobile app, tap on the ‘Planning’ field under ‘Plan a journey’. Use the Planning section to book sprinti reservations up to 7 days in advance.

Our service is designed to pick you up as close to your desired starting point as possible. When booking your journey, you will be shown either a virtual or fixed-route stop in your vicinity, where we ask you to come meet us. In general, your requested pick-up point is never more than 150 metres away from a sprinti stop.

Once you’ve completed booking your seat, you will be provided with an exact pick-up time. You can also use the mobile app to track your sprinti on the map in real time.
If you’ve booked a journey in advance, you will be notified of the exact departure time about 30 minutes prior to pick-up.

Children aged 6 or over may ride with sprinti without an adult. Driving staff reserves the right to deny children under 6 years old carriage if they will not be accompanied throughout the entire journey by someone who is at least 6 years old themselves.

The ‘Travel information’ feature in the GVH mobile app only displays sprinti if it is your best transport alternative. Sprinti demand-responsive transport complements the Region of Hanover’s public transport infrastructure and is great for temporary route replacements. It is not a parallel service.

Provided it does not cause delays for the other passengers on board, we would be happy to process your request. Please call our customer service centre on 030 22027 078 and our staff will be happy to help.

When booking a journey on the mobile app, tap on the ‘Planning’ field under ‘Plan a journey’. Use the Planning section to enter important information, such as your desired arrival time.

When booking a journey on the mobile app, tap on the ‘Planning’ field under ‘Plan a journey’. Use the Planning section to request regular bookings.

The GVH punctuality guarantee does not apply to sprinti. Learn more about the GVH punctuality guarantee here.

You can apply to become a sprinti driver by visiting either or

Ein sprinti Fahrer ist einer Frau, die im Rollstuhl fährt, beim Einstieg in den sprinti behilflich und schiebt den Rollstuhl über die Laderampe in den sprinti Bus.
The ample boot has plenty of space for wheelchairs, prams, cycles, and luggage. © GVH/B&B.
Auf dem Bild ist ein Mann zu sehen, der aus einem sprinti Fahrzeug steigt
Take sprinti for safe and comfortable journeys throughout the service area. © GVH/B&B.
Eine Frau steigt in ein sprinti Fahrzeug ein
Whether you’re boarding at a normal bus stop or a virtual stop, catching a sprinti is easy. © GVH/B&B.
Eine Frau mit einem Trolley steht vor einem stehenden sprinti auf dem Bürgersteig
The sprinti mobile app finds the link that’s best for you. © GVH/B&B.
Auf dem Bild ist ein fahrender sprinti im Grünen abgebildet
Sprinti is a completely accessible service, welcoming even the youngest passengers with the fitting car seats. © GVH/B&B.

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