Travel safely

In addition to punctuality and cleanliness, the safety of our passengers is one of the key quality features. In order to offer enough safety in our vehicles, stations and stops, they are equipped with a number of well coordinated safety facilities and measures.

Emergency call system

All 198 railway stops have information and emergency call pillars. The central control centre of the ÜSTRA receives all information requests and emergency calls. From there, your call will always be answered in person and if necessary, the police or other emergency services are alerted. Furthermore, in case of an emergency the pillars are immediately registered via video technology. In case of an emergency situation inside a vehicle, passengers can directly contact the driver, in the silver rails you can use the phones next to the door.

Notrufsäule an einer Haltestelle
Connected with the control centre at the touch of a button.

Controls and patrols

In the stations of the ÜSTRA about 70 specially trained employees of the subsidiary "protec" care day and night for more service and safety. The operations centre near "Kröpcke" is manned around the clock and available by calling the phone number (+49) 511 27 09 10 20.

ÜSTRA taxi call

When it gets darker in the evening, your ÜSTRA driver will call you a taxi from the bus or the tram to your destination (except underground stations): in winter time (1.10. – 31.3.) from 20.00 and in the summer (1.4. – 30.9.) from 21:00 until end of operations. Please inform the driver directly after entering about your taxi request. In most cases the taxi is already waiting for you when you exit.

This call service is free for ÜSTRA customers; the price for the taxi you have to pay by yourself, as usual. Persons with limited mobility can use this taxi service all day.

ÜSTRA Women's Night Taxi Service (FrauenNachtTaxi)

All female passengers, as well when accompanied by children under 14 years, receive a grant of 2,50 € for taxi rides in the city area of Hanover. The ÜSTRA Women's Night Taxi is an offer by the ÜSTRA in collaboration with the Women's Affairs Officer of the City of Hanover.

During the evening or the night hours, you can ask the drivers of the ÜSTRA buses or rails to call you a taxi to the stop at which you are getting off. Please contact the driver as soon as you enter and order explicitly a Women's Night Taxi, because only in that case you receive the grant of 2,50 €. This applies from 1. October to 31. March between 19:00 and 6:00 and from 1. April to 30. September between 21:00 and 5:00.

Excluded from this service are the tunnel stations "Kröpcke", "Hauptbahnhof", "Aegidientorplatz" and "Steintor". The ÜSTRA Women's Night Taxi will bring you as well to a certain station. Information on Women's Night Taxis in other cities and communities of the region can be found at

Video technology

The video technology is the central component of the safety concept: Cameras in all 19 tunnel stations, platforms, accesses, stairs and elevators as well as distribution levels and some stations above ground provide constant video surveillance. The ÜSTRA vehicles are as well eqipped with cameras: Around 80 percent of the buses and almost every second rail are equipped with cameras. The recorded videos from the buses and rails are preserved for 24 hours. The entire procedure is implemented in accordance with the Data Protection Commissioner.
The cameras should primarily increase the subjective feeling of safety and are used as an instrument of deterrence.

Bild von einer Videokamera in der U-Bahn-Station des Hauptbahnhofs.
Cameras in buses and rails as well as the stations provide an increased subjective feeling of safety.

Training of personnel

Our drivers, service staff and ticket inspectors are regularly trained in all aspects of security. Thus, they are optimally prepared in case of emergency and an important contact person for passengers.

Furthermore, there is a security partnership of the ÜSTRA with the police. The main issues are joint advanced training courses, support during police search and regular safety meetings.

Ein Kasten mit einem Defibrillator ist an einer Wand in der U-Bahn-Station Hauptbahnhof angebracht. Im Hintergrund befinden sich Fahrgäste die gerade auf die Bahn warten, während eine Stadtbahn (TW 6000) einfährt.