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Zwei Personen stehen an einer Haltestelle. Im Hintergrund sieht man einen fahrenden regiobus, der sich der Haltestelle nähert.
© regiobus/Albertin

Becoming even more mobile: by bike within the ÜSTRA/GVH

Bike and Public Transport – this fits together perfectly! Are you planning a trip to the countryside or do want to go just a part of the way by bicycle? No problem – just take your bike with you on our buses and trains. All transport companies of the GVH/ÜSTRA offer special utility spaces inside the vehicles.

Bild von einer Frau, die mit ihrem Fahrrad in eine Stadtbahn einsteigt
Bicycles can be taken along free of charge at the same times in all means of transport within the GVH area.© ÜSTRA/Arp


You can take your bike Monday to Friday from 08:30 a.m. to 03:00 p.m. and from 07:00 p.m. to 06:30 a.m. of the following day as well as whole-time on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays you within the ÜSTRA/GVH (zones ABC) for free. During the other times you can purchase a ticket (Single ticket, 6 trip Single ticket oder 6 trip Day ticket, a Day ticket or an additional Monthly pass for one zone A, B or C) for your bike in trains of DB, Transdev, metronom, enno, erixx, WestfalenBahn or start Niedersachsen Mitte.

If you take your bike often, it is worth purchasing an additional Monthly pass for one zone (B or C). For journeys within the Regional tariff (zones D-F), you generally need to purchase a bicycle ticket.

Travelling harmonious

We ask our passengers to show consideration for each other. Passengers with wheelchairs, walking frames and prams shall always have priority over passengers with bikes in all means of transportation. For this reason, the result can be that you cannot continue the ongoing journey to the planned destination in order to allow passengers with mobility equipment or pram to enter. On rail services (with the exception of city tram and S-Bahn), there are generally separate areas for wheelchairs and bicycles. Please note the corresponding symbols on the doors.

Which arrangements apply to which transport company, is explained hereinafter:

Detailbild von einem Fahrrad im Mehrzweckbereich der ÜSTRA Stadtbahn
The railways of ÜSTRA offer space for several bicycles.© ÜSTRA/Lampe

In the ÜSTRA buses and railways up to three bikes can be transported – if these do not exceed the customary dimensions. Special constructions such as tandems are not being transported. Folding bicycles, provided they are taken along folded, are not classified as bikes but as and hand luggage and can be transported on all lines. Owners do not need an additional ticket. 

Boarding is possible at high-level platforms and in the tunnel stops. The bicyclist is liable for damages caused to other passengers – for instance dirt due to bicycle chains.

Bild vom Fahrradbus-Anhänger von regiobus mit Fahrrädern
The"Fahrradbus" of regiobus offers space for 16 bikes on its trailer.© regiobus/Przyklenk

In regiobus vehicles up to two bikes can be transported – provided there is enough space in the rear entrance area. Bikes may only be placed in the marked multi-purpose areas and must be hold during the journey. Folded bikes are classified as hand luggage and are transported always.

During bike season from April to October,  regiobus offers a special service for bicyclists: The "Fahrradbus" drives around the Steinhuder Meer on an hourly base and offers place for 16 bikes on its trailer. You can enter or leave with your bike and therefore combine cycling and going by bus. During the summer months, the "Fahrradbus" runs every day. During the other months it runs at weekends and public holidays. Here you can find further information on the "Fahrradbus" (available in German only).

In the multi-purpose areas of the S-Bahn Hannover (Transdev), twelve bicycle parking spaces per railcar are available. The boarding area is marked with a bicycle symbol from the outside. Please secure your bicycle independently in the designated area and remove any luggage bags that are present. Here you should note that prams and wheelchairs have priority.

The metronom trains offer in the steering unit places for bikes. During the bike season from April to October there is an additional converted multi-purpose vehicle with further bicycle parking space. These vehicles are marked with a bike symbol. The bikes should be secured during the journey and luggage should be removed. Bikes can only be taken provided there is enough place.

Our enno has as well enough space in its spacious multi-purpose area for bikes, prams or larger luggage. And for electric bicycles there is a free charging station in each train. Please enter with your bike only into the marked enno waggon (bike symbol).

The erixx trains dispose of a multi-purpose area which offers space for several bikes. In total, up to twelve bicycles can be transported. The bicycles must be secured with belts for transport to ensure a safe ride in the vehicle.

The trains of WestfalenBahn have spacious multi-purpose compartments for bikes. The entrance area for bikes is marked with a bike symbol. Inside the train, passengers can park their bike on the designated area. In double-deck trains which run between Braunschweig and Rheine or Bielefeld, there are up to 15 bicycle stands. During the summer months, the number of bicycle stands in the mentioned trains will be increased.

Groups (from 5 persons) with bikes need to register at the latest 24 hours before departure at WestfalenBahn under the service call number  +49 521 55 77 77 55 or at Tandems and foldable bike trailers can also be transported provided there is still enough space for classic bicycles.

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