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The GVH Combined ticket for enterprising people

Scope of validity within the GVH tariff area

The Combined ticket is valid within the entire GVH tariff area (zones ABC) in the 2. class in the vehicles of all GVH partners. How to reach your event location by bus or rail is shown in the electronic timetable.

Generally, the admission ticket can be used 3 hours prior to the event until 05:00 a.m. of the following day in the zones A, B and C as ticket. The fare for buses and trams is already included in the admission ticket. Consequently, there are no additional costs for travelling with buses and trams within the GVH area. The Combined ticket can be identified by the printed GVH logo and a short text on your admission ticket.

Detailed information on the scope of validity of the Combined ticket (zones ABC) can be found in our route maps:

The locations:

Various companies and institutions in Hannover already cooperate with the GVH. Here you can find the event locations at a glance.

  • 1Messe
  • 2ZAG Arena
  • 3HCC
  • 4Opernhaus
  • 5Theater am Aegi
  • 6NDR Landesfunkhaus
  • 7Heinz von Heiden-Arena
  • 8Gilde Parkbühne
  • 9Swiss Life Hall
  • 10Capitol
  • 11Herrenhäuser Gärten

You can also find information about your possible connections in our route maps.

Tariff Zone MapDie Grafik zeigt die aufgelisteten Stadtgebiete und Orte der Tarifzonen A, B und C.
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How to arrive

  • Fair (Messe): From Kröpcke you can take the city rail line 6 to Messe/Ost (EXPO Plaza) for the entrance OST 3. The city tram 8 departures as well from Kröpcke and stops at Messe/Nord for entrance NORD 1 and NORD 2. From Messe/Ost you can take the bus line 340/341 to Laatzen/Gutenbergstraße, in order to use entrance SÜD. For entrance WEST use suburban train S4 from Hanover Hauptbahnhof to Messe/Laatzen
  • ZAG Arena: From Kröpcke you can take the city tram 6 to Messe/Ost (EXPOPlaza).
  • HCC: From Kröpcke with the city tram 11.
  • Opernhaus: You can take all city trams (except 10 and 17) or the bus lines 100, 120, 200 and 800 to Kröpcke.
  • Theater am Aegi: From Hauptbahnhof Hanover with the city trams 1, 2 and 8 to Aegidientorplatz.
  • NDR Landesfunkhaus (Großer Sendesaal): With the city trams 1, 2 and 8 to Schlägerstraße or with the bus lines 100, 200 and 800 to Maschsee/Sprengel Museum.
  • Heinz von Heiden-Arena: From Kröpcke you can take the bus line 100 to Robert-Enke-Straße or you can take the city trams 3 and 7 to Stadionbrücke and from there take the bus line 200 to Robert-Enke-Straße.
  • Gilde Parkbühne & Swiss Life Hall: From Hauptbahnhof or Kröpcke with the city trams 3 or 7 to Stadionbrücke. From Kröpcke with the bus line 100 to Luise-Finke-Weg.
  • Capitol: From Hauptbahnhof Hanover with the city trams 9 or 17 to Schwarzer Bär.
  • Herrenhäuser Gärten (Herrenhausen Gardens): From Kröpcke with the city trams 4 or 5 to "Herrenhäuser Gärten".

GVH Route maps

Detailed information about the area of validity of the Combined ticket (zones ABC) can also be found in our route maps:

The events at a glance

The Combined ticket are regularly available for Bundesliga games of Hannover 96 and TSV Hannover Burgdorf (DIE RECKEN), for concerts by Hannover Concerts, events of the Niedersächsisches Staatstheater, for certain events of the NDR-Landesfunkhaus and for certain fairs and congresses. You can find further partners of the Combined ticket under Information for events.

You would like to know how to arrive at a certain event?

If you have queries regarding your arrival with the Combined ticket, please contact our GVH hotline. Get in contact with us now:

Contact Person:

GVH Hotline