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Day ticket S for children (for authorised persons only)

If you are between 6 and 14 years old and holder of a Region S pass (Region-S-Karte), you are allowed to buy a Day ticket S for children. In doing so you are mobile the whole day – on every line of the GVH – at a favourable price.

Price overview with price levels

ABC 1,30 €

Ticket validity

  • Vehicles
    • For as many journeys you like in the buses, trams and trains within the entire GVH tariff area
  • Interval
    • One day long until 05:00 a.m. of the following day
    1 day
  • Person
    • 1 child aged 6 to 14 years, only valid in connection with ownership of the Region S pass (Region-S-Karte)
    1 child
  • Traveller class
    • For the 2nd class

You can get the ticket:

Bild vom Inneren des GVH Kundenzentrums mit Personen, die an den Schaltern stehen

Summary of tariff zones:

The zones A, B and C cover the entire tariff area for all passengers – regardless of whether they use Single tickets, Day tickets or Monthly passes.

  • Zone Acovers the city area
  • Zone Bcovers adjacent towns and municipalitiesCities Isernhagen, Garbsen, Seelze, Ronnenberg, Hemmingen
  • Zone Ccovers more remote rural areas of the Hannover regionCities Leehrte, Uetze, Großburgwedel, Mellendorf

Each tariff zone has its own colour, which is used always in connection with the corresponding zone designation.

Tariff Zone MapThe chart shows the listed urban areas and places of the tariff zones A, B, and C.
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More information

  • The Day ticket S for children is only valid in connection with the Region S pass (Region-S-Karte) and a passport or student ID.
  • The Region S pass (Region-S-Karte) is send automatically to entitled persons once a year in November / December.
  • If you are entitled to use the Region S pass (Region-S-Karte) and did not receive one or lost it please contact the social welfare office of your city or municipality or the responsible job centre.
  • Holders of the Region S pass (Region-S-Karte) can enjoy the Zoo Hanover at an advantageous price: showing your pass you will receive a discount on the entry price.

Further information regarding the Region S pass (Region-S-Karte). (Available in German language only.)

Not the right ticket?
Maybe one of these offers will suit you:

  • Day ticket for children

    With the Day ticket for children (aged 6 to 14) you can travel from early in the morning until late in the evening within the GVH tariff area by bus, tram or train – as often and as far as you like at a very attractive price! Furthermore the Day ticket for children is valid as well for a dog.
  • Day ticket S (for authorised persons only)

    With the Day ticket S, eligible persons can travel a whole day within the GVH tariff area at a quite discounted price – until 05:00 a.m. of the following day. As authorisation to use the Day ticket S you need a Region S pass (Region-S-Karte).
  • 6 trip Day ticket

    The Day ticket is also available in a pack of 6 at an even more favourable price. You can save 20 % per ticket. The 6 trip Day ticket is available for one (A, B or C), two (AB or BC) or three zones (ABC). One ticket is valid for as many journeys you like in the buses, trams and trains within the chosen zone of the GVH tariff area – until 05:00 a.m. of the following day.