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Monthly pass education Regional tariff

You are an apprentice and travel to your training place by train – not only in the region but beyond? In this case you should decide on a Monthly pass education Regional tariff. In doing so, you may not only use suburban and many regional trains – you can as well use all buses and trams within the GVH tariff area. Free customer card necessary.

Price overview with price levels

E* 54,90 €
CDorDE** 72,20 €
BCDorCDE 87,00 €
A-DB-EorC-F 111,00 €
A-EorB-F 134,20 €
A-F 156,30 €

E*: Only valid on the route Bückeburg – Kirchhorsten – Stadthagen.

DE**: Only valid on the route Bückeburg – Kirchhorsten – Stadthagen – Lindhorst.

Ticket validity

  • Price levels
    • For one, two, three, four, five or six zones: in addition to the three GVH tariff zones (A, B and C) the Regional tariff covers the zones D, E and F
  • Vehicles
    • For all buses and trams within the GVH tariff area (ABC) and the suburban and regional trains (RB, RE) in the zones A-F
  • Interval
    • From the 1st chosen day of validity until 05:00 a.m. at the same day of the following month (example: from 17. May to 17. June 05:00 a.m.)
    1 month
  • Person
    • For the holder only
    • Free customer card necessary
    • For apprentices
    • For pupils at adult education institutions for full time acquisition of school qualifications
    • For persons, who visit a state-approved vocational preparation course
    • For student apprentices and improvers, if the internship / traineeship is part of the training
    • For junior doctors
    • For official aspirants of the lower and middle grade of the civil service
    • For participants in a voluntary social or ecological year or comparable social service (FSJ / FÖJ / FWJ / BFD)
    • For students not entitled to use the Semester pass GVH
    1 person
  • Traveller class
    • For the 2nd class

You can get the ticket:

Bild vom Inneren des GVH Kundenzentrums mit Personen, die an den Schaltern stehen

Summary of tariff zones:

The zones A, B and C cover the entire tariff area for all passengers – regardless of whether they use Single tickets, Day tickets or Monthly passes.

  • Zone Acovers the city area
  • Zone Bcovers adjacent towns and municipalitiesCities Isernhagen, Garbsen, Seelze, Ronnenberg, Hemmingen
  • Zone Ccovers more remote rural areas of the Hannover regionCities Leehrte, Uetze, Großburgwedel, Mellendorf
  • Zone D-FRegional tariff

Each tariff zone has its own colour, which is used always in connection with the corresponding zone designation.

Tariff Zone MapThe graphic shows the listed urban areas and locations of the tariff zones A, B, C and D to F.
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More information

  • In order to apply for a Monthly pass education you need a passport photo for the customer card, a customer card, available at the GVH Service Centre or the GVH Customer Centre and an authorisation card that must be filled out by the school secretariat or the training company.
  • The authorisation card is available in the GVH Customer Centre, the GVH Service and Sales Centres and as a download on this site.

Good to know

  • On train journeys between Hanover and Alfeld, Celle, Elze, Nienburg or Peine you can as well use IC trains of the Deutsche Bahn with the Monthly pass education Regional tariff. In this case you need to pay an additional IC fee at the DB vending machines, in the DB travel centres or in the subscription centre of the Deutsche Bahn.
  • Journeys within the Regional tariff must at least cover the zones C and D (exemptions are journeys in the district of Schaumburg between Bückeburg and Stadthagen (zone E) and between Bückeburg and Lindhorst (zones DE)).

With the Monthly pass education Regional tariff you get favourable connecting tickets

  • In the buses in the district of Schaumburg
  • In the rural district of Celle: The CeBus monthly pass and subscription
  • In the district of Hameln-Pyrmont: the local public transport subscription (Öffi-Abo) and the monthly pass
  • In the district of Nienburg/Weser for the VLN
  • In the city of Hildesheim and the district of Hildesheim: the "Monatskarte Mobil (Azubi)" and the subscription of the ROSA tariff association

Not the right ticket?
Maybe one of these offers will suit you:

  • Monthly pass subscription Regional tariff

    Do you travel regularly during year on the railway lines in rural districts around the Hanover region? If so, the best solution might be to opt for a Monthly pass subscription Regional tariff. It enables you not only to use many regional trains but as well all buses, trams and trains within the GVH tariff area. If you regularly travel on local and regional transport, the Deutschland ticket, which is valid throughout Germany and costs 49 euros per month, may also be worthwhile for you.
  • Youth pass

    With the Youth pass (up to the age of 22) you can travel extremely favourably within the entire GVH tariff area (ABC). But you must be pupil (primary school and lower and upper secondary school) and also not entitled to use free transport because of the School pass or you are not carrying out a voluntary service (FSJ / FÖJ / FWJ / BFD). The pass is also valid in your free time and during school holidays. Apprentices (all part time apprentices of vocational schools up to the age of 22) can also use the Youth pass for 15 euros per month. Furthermore, a free and valid customer card is required.
  • Monthly pass education subscription

    If you subscribe to a Monthly pass education subscription, you can reach your training place and vocational school twelve months long by bus, tram or train. In doing so you save a lot of money: the Monthly pass education subscription is significantly less expensive than twelve regular Monthly passes education. Apprentices up to and including 22 years of age can also use the Youth Pass. It costs only 15 euros per month and is valid in all three tariff zones (A, B and C) of the GVH. It can therefore be an inexpensive alternative to a subscription. Please note that we offer the Apprenticeship pass, this can also be a low-cost alternative.