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Deutschland ticket subscription

You can use the complete public transportation system within Germany (valid only with participating companies) with the Deutschland ticket. It is a digital, personal monthly pass in subscription, which is always issued for one calendar month and costs 49 Euro a month.

Ticket validity

  • Area of validity
    • throughout Germany
      (*valid only with participating companies)

  • Vehicles
    • for any number of trips with all the offerings of public transportation within Germany (i.e., travel with city and regional buses, suburban trains and underground, regional trains, on-demand transportation, such as sprinti in GVH in part)
  • Interval
    • personal monthly pass in subscription
    • is always issued for one calendar month (valid from the 1st of a month up to the end of the month)
  • Person
    • exclusively for the pass holder (non-transferable)
    • taking along additional persons, animals, and cycles is allowed only in accordance with the local regulations of the transport company or association.
    • in the GVH region (ABC zones): additional persons may not accompany on the ticket, taking along cycles allowed free of charge in specific time periods, small house pets can be transported in transport boxes for free as hand baggage.
    1 person
  • Traveller class
    • exclusively for 2nd class

More information

  • Long-distance trains such as IC, ICE, and Flixtrain as well as all trips outside the German borders and purely tourist transportation such as cable cars that are not a part of the public transport are excluded from the services under Deutschland ticket.
  • The Deutschland ticket subscription is valid on the Bremen main station – Norddeich Mole/Emden-Außenhafen route in IC/EC.
  • The conditions of carriage and fare provisions of the respective transport company/association, in which you are travelling are strictly applicable.
  • The Deutschland ticket subscription is valid only in conjunction with an official identification document.

How to order the ticket:

  • You can apply for the ticket here by the 20th of a month for the following month.
  • You can cancel your Deutschland ticket subscription by the month (by the 10th of a month to the end of the month). 
  • You need a Smartphone with the Mein GVH app (available for iOS and Android). 

How to collect your ticket:

  • If not already done, download the Mein GVH app using the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Register on the Mein GVH app with the email given while ordering the Deutschland ticket subscription.
  • Log into the Mein GVH app. Your ticket will then be shown to you in the Mein GVH app at the latest 48 hours before the first day of validity.
    Important: Please use the same email address for ordering and for registration on the app so that we can assign your ticket.

To detailed instructions (Available in German only.)

  • Deutschland ticket Hannover social

    Deutschland ticket Hannover social is a Deutschland ticket, which is subsidised by the Hannover region. It is available only for those who have a Region-S card and costs 30.40 Euro per month.

  • Deutschland ticket GVH SemesterT Upgrade

    As the holder of a Semester pass GVH, you can use the complete public transportation system within Germany (valid only with participating companies) in the future using the Deutschland ticket GVH SemesterT Upgrade for a surcharge of 17.36 Euro per month.

  • Corporate passes

    Go to work without traffic jam and stress-free! Your employees can comfortably and conveniently travel to work using the public transport with our offers for major customers - the Job-tickets (also available as Deutschland ticket).