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Corporate passes

Based on the 49-Euro Deutschland ticket, there are now three options for companies to order a Corporate pass (Job-ticket) to provide employees with affordable and sustainable transport option for commute: the D-ticket Job (Deutschland ticket Job), the D-ticket Hannover Job (Deutschland ticket Hannover Job) and the D-ticket Hannover Job 100(Deutschland ticket Hannover Job 100).

For the D-ticket Job, all the participating transport companies throughout Germany offer: 5 % discount from the association and at least 25 % discount from the company so that the  contribution of 34.30 Euro remains for the D-ticket Job holder. 

Companies based in Hannover and the Hannover region, whose employees also work at this location can offer a trip for almost one Euro per day, calculated over one year, or a completely free trip with the regional offering of GVH, i.e., the D-ticket Hannover Job and the D-ticket Hannover Job 100 – with the same validity as with a private Deutschland ticket.

The advantage for you

  • You can save taxes and social security contributions and have to provide fewer parking spaces.
  • You can bind your employees more strongly to your company/authority or your association/club and increase your attractiveness. 
  • You promote environmentally friendly mobility.

  • There are three variants of the Job-ticket based on the 49-Euro Deutschland ticket in GVH.
  • All three Job-ticket models are concluded as subscription (contract) between the company and the GVH.
  • All three Job-ticket models are purely digital offers, that is, the Deutschland tickets are loaded as online ticket on a mobile end device.
  • It is necessary to give one active email address per user to digitally send the Deutschland ticket.
  • The subscriptions can all be ordered or cancelled monthly by the 10th of an ongoing month with effect from the 1st of the following month.

  • All three Job-ticket models entitle the holder to travel in the local transport of the participating transport companies in 2nd class coaches.
  • Tickets are always valid on the 1st of a month upon ordering by the 10th of the previous month.
  • The Deutschland ticket is valid exclusively for the ticket holder and is non-transferable.
  • Only valid when presented in conjunction with an official photo ID/service card.
  • Can be ordered for one employee or more in an employment relationship, no minimum order quantity.
  • Rules on additional persons and use of sprintRAD are not included.

  • The D-ticket Job is offered throughout Germany under standard, fixed conditions.
  • The D-tickets Hannover Job and Hannover Job 100 can be also be obtained exclusively at GVH under GVH’s conditions.
  • Only the companies based in Hannover region can obtain the D-tickets Hannover Job and Hannover Job 100 for their employees working at this location.

  • D-ticket Job (calculation based on Euro 49): 5 % discount from GVH, at least 25 % discount from employee = 34.30 Euro in employee’s own contribution
  • D-ticket Job Hannover (calculation based on Euro 49): 13 % discount from Hannover region and GVH, at least 25 % discount from employee = 30.40 Euro in employee’s own contribution
  • D-ticket Job Hannover 100 (calculation based on Euro 49): 40 % discount from Hannover region and GVH, at least 60 % discount from employee = 0 Euro in employee’s own contribution

Your query

Do you have questions regarding your existing Job-tickets that you purchased before the D-ticket was introduced? Would you like to order one of our Job-ticket offers based on the Deutschland ticket for your company, your association, or your club?

Please contact our key account support at We will advise you, without liability, on the options for an employee Job-ticket that is most favourable for you and provide you with all the relevant information.

To order the Deutschland ticket you require the following documents, which you can find in downloads further below:

  1. Corporate order form (as writeable PDF)
  2. Employee order form (as writeable PDF)
  3. Excel list for data collection (please request by email.)

You can also get all the documents and the Excel list by requesting it by an email from our GVH corporate customer service:

Please note that your corporate order and Excel list should have reached us by no later than the 10th of the previous month to be able to start with your D-ticket Job subscription from the 1st of the following month.

Please contact to obtain the Excel list. Please send all the documents (corporate order form, employee order form, and the Excel list) together to


Frequently asked questions and answers on Deutschland ticket Job

There are three products in GVH based on private D-ticket Hannover Job: the Deutschland ticket Job (D-ticket Job), for company location in Hannover region, also the Deutschland ticket Hannover Job (D-ticket Hannover Job), and the Deutschland ticket Hannover Job 100 (D-ticket Hannover Job 100).

No, there must be an employment relationship, i.e., the employer plus at least one employed person, to be able to use one of the three D-ticket Job offers.

No, all three products can be ordered starting with just one person in an employment relationship, that means, you as the employer employ at least one more person.

The company registered office for subscription of:

  • D-ticket Job: can be within Germany irrespective of location
  • D-ticket Hannover Job: must be in Hannover region
  • D-ticket Hannover Job 100: must be in Hannover region

  1. You choose the right D-ticket Job product for your company. You can choose a combination of multiple products.
  2. You conclude an order / a contract with GVH for the corresponding product.
  3. You collect all the relevant information from your employee (list will be provided by GVH).
  4. You send the list back to GVH.

Attention: It is essential to specify the email address of the respective employee, which must be the same as the email address for later registration on Mein GVH app. 

D-ticket Job 

  • Employer contribution of at least 25% of 49 Euro 
  • GVH discount of 5% to the employer 
  • End price for the employee = 34.40 Euro

D-ticket Hannover Job

  • Employer contribution of at least 25% of 49 Euro 
  • GVH/Hannover region discount of 13% to the employer 
  • End price for the employee = 30.40 Euro

D-Ticket Hannover Job 100

  • Employer contribution of 60% of Euro 49 
  • GVH/Hannover region discount of 40% to the employer 
  • No costs for the employee

Only the D-ticket Job can be used in this case. For the regional offers of D-ticket Hannover Job and D-Ticket Hannover Job 100, the employees must work at the location in Hannover region.

No, the billing of the Job-ticket variants is done exclusively with the company as the contracting partner. 

Proceed as follows to switch your employees to a different ticket:

  1. If not already available, request our ordering documents.
  2. Write down the existing subscription number of your respective employees in the list provided by us.
  3. It is mandatory to add the email address of the respective employee.
  4. You communicate to us the participating employees for the respective product of Deutschland ticket Job together with your corporate order (form with choice of products).
  5. We will conclude a new contract for the Deutschland ticket with you as the employer.
  6. You make your employees aware of the necessity for an email address and a mobile end device (preferably official, private can work).
  7. Your employees register with the same email address on the “Mein GVH” app and receive their D-ticket there.
  8. Please ensure that all the completely filled ordering documents are always available to us on the 10th of the previous month. 

Usually, the employer allowance for Job-ticket is exempted from income tax and levies. But we cannot provide any legally binding disclosure because we cannot anticipate all individual cases. Hence, we recommend consulting with your tax consultant.

Yes. We are working on an analogue solution, but it isn’t available as yet.

No, unfortunately, you as the employer, have to terminate your existing contract either completely for all the employees or for individual employees and initiate a new order for the Deutschland ticket Job.


If your data has already been recorded in our system, you will also see the ticket in the “Mein GVH” app. Otherwise, you will see the ticket on time before the month of validity begins.

Yes, but it can be terminated in any month on the 10th of the previous month. 

No, the ticket can only be ordered for the 1st of a calendar month. The completed ordering documents are required on the 10th of the previous month.

No, loading of the ticket requires a certain lead time. Orders for the following month are taken until and including the 10th of the previous month. We assume that the ordering periods can be adjusted in the coming months when the process becomes established.

The legal framework in Lower Saxony does not allow any subsidy by state authorities until now. It is handled differently in the other states. At present, employees of the Lower Saxony state authorities can only privately get a Deutschland ticket subscription for 49 Euro. 

Yes, based on the individual authorisations by the Lower Saxony Interior Ministry for Officials and an Executive Committee decision of the municipal employer’s association for employees, the employees in public administrative bodies can also adopt the Deutschland ticket Job and Deutschland ticket Hannover Job.

As the employer, you are responsible for the information and declaration of consent of your employees for transfer of their user data in the course of participation in the Deutschland ticket Job.
Employees, who have to register in the GVH app to use the online ticket, also agree to the provisions of GVH in the course of registration.

Users can independently change customer data in the “Mein GVH” app. These changes should also be reported to the employer. Alternatively, employees can also have the changes to their data made in the GVH customer service centre if you can verify your identity.

The Deutschland ticket is basically a purely digital product. Nevertheless, we are also working on an analogue variant, but it is not available as yet.

There is an additional product for 1st class surcharge in the fare zones of GVH, which any employee can buy independently in the Mein GVH app. You can find all information on the product here.


There is an additional product for the rule on additional persons in the GVH fare zones (ABC).

No, sprintRAD use in the GVH tariff area is not included in the Deutschlandticket.

In principle, subsidies to Job-ticket are exempted of income tax and levies. For more detailed information, we recommend you talk to a tax expert.

No, Job-tickets are sold to employers at discounted prices. The contracts are concluded between the employer and the GVH. Employees can benefit from it if their employer has concluded a Job-ticket contract with the GVH. You yourself cannot conclude such a contract with GVH.