The GVH tariff system

Prices for tickets and cards are defined by the number of zones used.

Auf dem Bild sind die Tickettarifzonen des GVH zu sehen. Der äußere Ring ist als Region vermerkt. Die mittlere Zone heißt Umland und die innere Zone lautet Hannover.

GVH Tickets

For all who only occasionally use the local public transport or who are visiting Hanover.

Tickets = valid for up to a single day

The transport area for tickets have been organized into three red tariff zones: Hanover (Hannover), outer conurbation area (Umland) and region (Region).

The "Hannover" zone covers the city area. Towns and districts bordering on Hanover belong to the "Umland" zone and the "Region" zone covers the more remote rural areas of Hanover.

Auf dem Bild sind die Cardstarifzonen des GVH zu sehen. Dieser ist in vier Zonen eingeteilt: Region, Umland, Hannover 1 und Hannover 2.

GVH MobileCards

For all who regularly travel by bus and railway and would like to save money.

Cards = valid for more than a day

The Transport Association of Greater Hanover (GVH) is subdivided in four blue card zones: Region, outer conurbation area (Umland), Hanover 1 and Hanover 2.

The "Umland" zone covers towns and districts bordering on Hanover and the "Region" zone covers the municipalities in the more remote rural areas of the Hanover region. Furthermore, there is the GVH regional tariff.


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