TW 3000

Technical data TW 3000
Construction type Bidirectional rail vehice
Vehicle numbers 3001–3100
Colour Green, black, silver
Quantity 100 (ordered)
Years of construction 2013-2018
Seating places 54
Standing places 121
Doors 4 per side
Access Barrier-free
Electricity fed back 50 percent
Length 25,16
Width 2,65 m
Height 3,75 m
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Weight 44 tonnes
Rail gauge 1.435 mm
Engine type Three-phase asynchronous
Drive power 4x 125 kW
Manufacturer of carriages and wheels Alstom Deutschland (Salzgitter)
Electrical component manufacturers Vossloh Kiepe (Düsseldorf)
Body manufacturer HeiterBlick (Leipzig)
Design PanikRuhdorfer Designpartner (Stuttgart)